Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Glimmer of Sunset on the Lake

     This week I did not have to think hard about what I was going to do for the Persimmon Dreams Challenge.  When I look at the sky for sunrise and sunset,  the fabric I think of most is batiks.   I love to look at the colors in the sky over the lake.  There is such a mix of awesome color dependent on the weather.  

     So I decided to use this collection of Jason Yenter Batiks that have been sitting on my shelf for about a year. I have never used his batiks even though he is my favorite fabric designer!  Purchased of course from my favorite fabric store,  Ozark fabrics.  The collection was missing the different hues of red and yellow, but I have already decided to use only the fabric I had.  

     One day last week I was flipping threw a McCall Quick Quilts book and saw the "Warm Breeze" quilt. I put it on my long list of must do quilts!  Then when the Challenge was put out I knew this was the quilt I needed to make.  The mix of the batik pattern and the fact that I love the warm breeze of Sunset at the lake!! 

     The pattern is actually really easy and would probably work out well for a Jelly Roll.  You sew two 2 1/2 inch strips together.  Then you cut the strip into 4 1/2 inch pieces.  The pattern called for 22 inch strips but I used the entire thing.  It also called for more variety in fabric and blocks.  In my use what you have attitude and finish in time this plan worked for me!

     I used 41 blocks and made the quilt 60x60.  I started to lay the quilt out with a plan, but when I started to lay it out I like the sporadic nature better.  It even reminded me of the reflections of sunrise and sunset on the lake.  I decided in the beginning to do the outside as the black and blue batik since the darkness comes before and after Sunrise and Sunset.   The pattern uses the same fabric to bind the quilt.  

     For the backing I went to my fabric pile of bigger pieces.  And what was laying on the top but the perfect width and length of a piece of blender that I bought from Marcia, one of the project quilt sponsors.  

     I knew I had to finish the quilt quick so I also knew I had to do an easy quilting on it.   It came to mind just to do a wave type pattern on it.  Something I could finish quickly.  I randomly started the wave pattern with no plan on size.  Some smaller and some larger.  On the opposite row I came from the other direction.  I was hoping that is would simulate the clouds in the sky.  I am actually happy how it turned out. 

     Just after I started making this quilt, I found out my American, nonFilipino friend(inside joke) has Thryroid Cancer.  Yenter themes so many of his fabrics as as Asian inspiration.  So it of course was meant to be Hers!  I am hoping that it helps keep her spirits up!!  I know she will win this battle!

     I am excited that I finished this in under 4 days!!   I am looking forward to next weeks Project Quilt challenge!!  


  1. so beautiful! I love your colors!!!

  2. Batiks were just perfect for this pattern! I love that you chose to use what you had and make it your own. Sounds like all of this was perfect timing for your friend too.