Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunflower Batik Quilt


 Startling almost 2 years ago, ladies all over the US made sunflower squares of different sizes.  Each person made 36 of them. They were all mailed to Wisconsin if I remember!  Then separated and we each received 36 different blocks back in the mail.  

     The original plan of Shannon Linde who started this swap was to make one big quilt.  But that was too big for me.  So I decided I was going to make a few different quilts.  This is the first. 

     I took out the squares that were made totally of batik.  There were 8 total. Two, 12 1/2 inch blocks,  Two 9 1/2 inch blocks, two 8 1/2 inch blocks and one 6 1/2 inch block.  

I used a batik Jelly Roll to finish out the quilt top.  I framed all the smaller blocks out to make 3 equal rows.  Then I sewed a strip between all of the rows. 

    I framed the quilt out once.  I then decided to frame it out in one direction.  Letting it grow from one corner.  I added a few rows of strips til the quilt was 45x50.  I used the strips to bring out some of the bright colors in the sunflowers. 

     I backed it in another batik of green and yellow.  The colors of a fresh sunflower field.  

     I quilted it by doing a wave and reversing the Wave for the next row!

     I then used th scraps of my strips to make the binding to finish out the quilt.

     This quilt is going to my friend Emilio otherwise known as "Q".  Q is ex navy, married to a navy girl.  He is a hard working tech coworker of mine.  His wife is being transferred and this is his goodbye present!!  Good Luck Q in your endeavors!!!

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