Sunday, August 23, 2015

Wade's Next Adventure


    Today is college move in day for my oldest son Wade.   A new adventure for my family.  Wade has only been away from us to go to church camp during the summer.  So say a prayer to lead him in the right direction.  And another for us, so I don't freak out that I am loosing my first born.  

     Wade is going to Horry Georgetown Tech where he is going to the forestry program.  It's just a little over an hour drive there.  The problem is that the roads that direction are all country, bumpy and not the safest.  We have decided to let Wade stay in the dorms at Hobcaw Barony.  A wonderful plantation!! 

     Wade will be staying in the University of South Carolina Dorm.  To bad there is no room in the Clemson dorm!  Just hoping he doesn't try to change sides!  The good thing is there only is a few students staying there and that they are mostly Clemson Grad students!!

     I was discouraged when I went with him to visit the dorm.  It was a true typical bachelors pad.  And most of the guys rooms were a mess.  A big mess!! The kitchen counters were covered and I was overwhelmed.  Good thing is Wade gets his own room and Bathroom this semester!! 

     Came home and discussed the trip with my mother in law.  Her response was,  I will just go there and clean the place up!  I knew Wade would be mad if I did that, but Wade won't say anything to His grandma!

     So we headed to Georgetown today  with a truck load of Wade's stuff and a bunch of cleaning supplies!  

     We cleaned his room which consisted of a bunkbed, closet and desk.  Then we moved on the the bathroom.  The real cleaning project!!  But not long later we were done!! 

     Then we ventured over to Walmart to pick up a shower curtain, rugs and food. Yeah, grandma wanted to make sure his feet stayed clean! 

     Oh, I forgot to tell you that Wade gets his own fridge for the semester, and it's full size! My thought is we will load him up with food monthly!!  One of my big worries is that he won't get enough real food, but with this fridge we can send him meals for a week! 

  Wade will come home on the weekends so he won't be gone all the time.  Wish him luck starting tomorrow!! 

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