Monday, August 17, 2015

My Tuffet Is Finally Finished!!!

     In May 2014 I met one of my favorite quilting friends, her name is Carolyn Harris.  She is from the SC Upstate.  I met her at the Quilters of South Carolina Spring Retreat. I love her personality and wish I lived closer to her.  I met her again at the beginning of this year at our Spring Meeting, we decided at the retreat she would show me how to make a tuffet.  I was so excited!!!

     I got everything for my supply list and was ready when I arrived!  On night one I did the lonest part, drawing the outlines out on muslin.  Then I started picking out and sewing my strips.  I decide to do a light to dark method.  Another long and repetitive process. 

     Later that afternoon I was able to put the sections together. This part really went quickly. 

     After that I chose the fabric for the button cover.  I love the swirls!!  Of course we padded it.  It snapped into place easily!! 

     Then came the big strong Carolyn's help. We stuffed the top of the Tuffet.   This all went on a round cut piece of plywood.  Then we had to wrestle to pull the fabric top over the stuffing!  Carolyn was a pro at this!  

     The electric stapler was pulled out next!!  You staple the layers to the bottom of the wood.  Again using those muscles to tug on the fabric all the way around to make it tight. My first time using an electric one and will never go back to those other one!! Did I say never?? Seriously needs to be added to anyone's craft room!! 

     Next big step with the longest upholstery needle you can find, is sewing the button on!  It actually is the step that helps the tuffet to take shape.  Carolyn used some thick thread and pulled tight!  There are 2 predrilled holes in the bottom of the wood. 

     The next part was glueing the fabric to the bottom.  For this I used 3D permanent fabric glue.  The fabric doesn't match the top the best but I bought it on sale and didn't want to use something that cost a lot.   I decide instead of doing the cheater way and tacking down the edges, I would hand see them.  Weeks later it was done! 

     For the feet I painted them an aqua color I had at the house and screwed them in the holes that were provided.  Carolyn also provided the feet. 

     While visiting a fabric store with Carolyn I saw a Tuffet that had fringe on it.  Once I saw it, I knew that I wanted to do the same!   It took me a few weeks to find the exact one I want but I decided on a dark blue.  On to hand sewing the fringe on.  This took what seemed like forever too.  But I am done!! 

     I then took it outside and sprayed it with Scotchgard really well!! Hoping that it will be sealed for life! 

     I think I will be making a few more tuffets in the future! Minus the hand sewing!   Thank you to Carolyn for teaching me!!  I really love it and know this piece will stay with me for years to come! 

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