Sunday, August 30, 2015

Pinwheel Mini Quilt

     As you well know I I have been participating in the Focus Through The Prism monthly quilt challenge.  The challenge is to use a different color of ROYGBIV to complete the theme of each month.  To participate you must order a batch of hand dyed Fabric from Cherrywood Fabrics.  The theme is a different quilt block every month, announced on the 1st.  It's hosted by Persimon Dreams Blog. 


     Of course I decided to go in color order and this month is green!  I ordered an extra set of different dyed fabric.  It had 2 other pieces in it that were green.  So I went with them and a green on green print from my stash.

     I then googled on Pinterest, pinwheel patterns and found a bunch I liked!   Because I started the day before the project was due, I was strapped for time and went with one large one.  Here is the blog I went with:

    I decided to do a one inch border around the pinwheel block of the Green fabric.  Then a 3 inch border of the patterned fabric. 

     To bind it,  I used the hand dyed green again.  And did the most challenging part of hand sewing the binding down.  

    For the backing I used the green on green fabric. 

     I Freemotion quilted it by trying to make the curves of the pinwheel match the lines in the quilt.  In the first border I did miniature swirls.  I hurried threw them so they are not as pretty as I would like.  In the outer boarder I just did a small simple wave.  I thought about doing a second wave, but I liked the simplicity of this. 

     So after taking every second of time I had as a break on my night shift,  I was able to hand sew the binding on!! To excited that I could finish!!

     This mini quilt is so simple, but I actually like it.  I really am enjoying the creativity and ease of these challenges!

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