Sunday, August 16, 2015

How To Get The Plastic Off A New Door


     We had a new door put in our rental house.  Of course I was given the job of painting it.  After 2 days of putting multiple coats on the door it was time to take the plastic coating off the windows.   This coating is placed to protect the windows during instullation but is wonderful to leave on while painting!!  

     The first window was not a good experience. I slit a hole in the piece of plastic.  It pulled out as a stretched piece of plastic mess.   I decided I needed to find a better way.  

     I turned to my craft shelf where I found a razor!  

     I slit along the glass on the edge of each piece of molding.   Pressing just hard enough to cut the paint and plastic.  

     Make sure you cut up to the corner of each window.  Making sure to be careful and not knock the paint. 

     I then cut a small gentle slit in the middle of the glass. 

     Then gently peal a hole with your finger.

     Then pull the plastic off in one direction.  

     After you hit the corner peel it around in a circle.  The plastic will come off in one piece.

     And look, the windows are done!!  I love the white door!! Now time to paint the trim!!

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