Monday, November 11, 2013

The Couple I Am Most Thankful For!!

 Saturday Night we celebrated my parents 50th Anniversary.  They have not always been my parents, but 23 years ago with nowhere to go they took me in.  We have had our ups and downs over the years but love has shown threw!!   
No parents are perfect we all do and learn.  I can tell you we have not been perfect, but the lessons that we take and teach from it are what make the difference.  I can not tell you how much their lessons of life meant to me. 

For their 50th anniversary we went on a dinner cruise.  It was pretty enjoyable.  We cruised the charleston harbor with some nice views!  Food was alright but the family was wonderful!!!
     Here are some family pictures!

This is Fort Simter as the one below.  The place where the Civil War started. 

Here are my parents with my sister Daphne and us.  And another below of them!

Daddy is trying to photo bomb this photo and break a move!!!

Here is a picture of my Uncle Bill.  

A picture of my Moma and her best buddy Rosie!!!

And a photo of Moma and daddy dancing to Elvis!!!

The last photo is of me with my new boots!!! These are the 1st pair I have seen and really wanted in a long time!

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