Monday, November 25, 2013

2014 Goals

     This year I am going to do "A Year of Lovely Finishes" challenge.  Every time I think of something I add it to my list and my goal is to  try to complete it all in 2014.  Looking at this list I have one thing to finish every 2 weeks of the year.  I think I might be very busy!  Even though I said I was not going to rush myself and I was going to do other things this year I want to do as much of this as I can!! Wish me luck in the mostly quilt world!!!

1- Scrappy Quilt around the world
2- string quilt
3- crab quilt
4- Rainbow quilt
5- Jean scrap quilt
6- Cindy's moms quilt
7- I spy quilt boy
8- I spy quilt girl
9- Christmas I spy quilt
10- Christmas Tree quilt
11- Cival War Quilt
12- Batik Quilt
13- 2 inch strip quilt
14- breast cancer quilt
15- Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt
16- feed sack quilt
17- rainboot quilt
18- design a block for Persimon Dreams Blog
19- Floor Pillow
20- 37 sunflower blocks
21- Autism quilt for Michael
22- Crown royal Quilt
23- Herbie pocket quilt
24- Karen quilt
25- Herbie Scrap quilt
26- Project Quilt all weeks
27- Bejeweled Quilt
28- Project Quilt bonus challenge. 
29- Project Quilt Monthly Challanges
30- Finish 20 more Ahhhh's

     If you want to participate, come look here

I am doing this and Project quilt this year.  I might Squeeze in a thing or 2 more,  but I think this will keep me pretty booked!!

     This month I will do at least 3 things.  I need to finish my sunflower blocks and due 2 quilts for project Quilt.  I am kinda hoping that at least 1 of my planned projects will match the theme of project quilt this month, that way I can knock something off my list!!!

     Come join me this weekend in the begining of Project Quilt!! It posts at noon Sunday.  I work every night till Thursday so I will have 3 days to finish, wish me luck!!  Oh and check Project Quilt out!! Kim at Persimon Dreams hosts it every year in January with the guidance of her mother in law.  I finish so many projects with this challenge.  Go check it out!!!

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