Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Family member!

     My son brought home a new dog.  A  black lab.  He got it from a lady at work.  It was only 3 1/2 weeks old when he brought her home.  She had quit nursing off her mother and he volunteered our family to take on the challenge.   I was at work and he asked his dad.  I was so shocked when I heard his dad said yes.  And when I woke up, a puppy was here.  So a trip to the hardware store to get shots, food and goats milk was in order.   I don't always think that kids know how much they put on their parents at time!

     So far on my nights off she has not been sleeping all night and wakes up whining.  And I mean a loud whine.  Loud  enough to wake everyone but Wade up.  The person the dog belongs to!!  So up we go to tend to her.  I can say even Waylon gets up to help. And when Wade is at work and school, she is dear old Moma and Daddies dog.  Left up to us to train.   

     Wade has been good though, he takes her with him everywhere she can go.  He has even taken her to all our family functions.  I think she has taken more rides then any other do.  Well maybe. Not caught up to Maggie yet!

     Frankie keeps saying she is an outside dog, but Wade says she will not be.  Let's see what happens. We have had her for 3 weeks now and she has grown so much and learned so quickly.  She is a very smart dog.  Knows what's in the fridge.  Is like a spider and will climb onto furniture.  Remember she is like tiny still.  

     The boys struggled on names for her for a few.  The 2 that came in first were Daisy Duke, to match Maggie Flash from Dukes of Hazard and Santee,  for the Santee Swamp they hunt in.  Wade decided on Santee. Perfect for her Black coat to match a black swamp.

     She reminds me of Maggie in ways.  When Maggie was a puppy, we always found her cuddled up to the remote.  Don't know why, but we have photos of both of them like that. And they both perch themselves on the end of the couch.  We call it Maggie's thrown, but now Santee has adopted the same spot. And for now Maggie is sharing.  

     Maggie has been mothering the puppy so. She follows her and cleans her.  When Maggie wakes she goes hunting for her, as when she comes in from outside.  Learning for them to eat out of the same dish and share chew toys has been a challenge, but I think Maggie will adapt well. 

     So I guess you will be hearing stories of a new dog in the Truesdale world from time to time!  This will be a busy work week so I don't think much sewing will be done.  Cleaning I hope,  that's what I need the real motivation to do!

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