Saturday, December 7, 2013

My First Try At Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt

     I have been following Bonnie Hunters blog Quiltville for a while know.  I have only attempted a small Quilt around the World and Sring quilt.  I have never done a quilt with lots of pieces but I am going to attempt the Mystery Quilt this year.  None of the local stores have the tri rec ruler so I have not done the first step.  But I am also using this excuse to buy a accu go cutter since My friend Bea Lee used one to do her 1st step in no time.   So I wonder what I am buying myself for Christmas????   Actually really excited.  But I also don't have much time to do very much on this quilt till after Christmas so look out Amazon Christmas Week!!! I keep telling myself I won't order till then.  

     On to clue 2 of the mystery quilt.  I worked 12 hour shifts 4 days of this weekend.  That does not allow for much sewing time:(.  But on Saturday evening I managed to cut some strips and on Sunday evening I cut some squares.  Monday I did not have much time to sew because I had to go to work early, but Tuesday it was on.  I sewed up just enough blocks to get my fix on and back to my Christmas Memory quilts.  So here is mine so far!!!!

     I mark all my blocks and I did do the second line on my blocks to make these tiny little blocks.  I don't think I have worked with any pieces this tiny before!!! I have my mason jar slowly filling up.  This process did not take much extra time at all!!   So excited to see what I will make of this!! You know I am on a scrapping journey that I hope never ends!!!!

     My fabric is mostly out of my stash.  In theme with the name I used the Irish knot and St. Patricks day fabric.  I did not have very much fabric with the base of white in my stash, so there is a lot of the same pieces.   After I finished putting it together I realized a lot of my fabric I bought in a destash group on Facebook from the same person.  The rest I mostly bought from Tonya at Hillbilly Handiwors Quilt shop.   Hope you like my color choices!  I tried to stay very close to Bonnie's!!!  I look forward to finishing out this quilt!


  1. That is going to be beautiful but then all of your quilts are. :)

  2. I love my tri recs rulers! I have used them multiple times. You can get one online at - although that Accu cutter sure sounds spiffy. I was tempted myself to get one when I saw other ladies using it to cut out there step 1.