Sunday, December 1, 2013

Rainy Days Quilt

     Here in South Carolina we get lots of Rainy Days.  I saw this umbrella and rain boots material and just had to buy it!!! It rained for a good bit of November so it fit the time I was sewing with it!

     Novembers Project Quilt Challenge was just the time to use it!  The challenge was to use colors out of Kim's daughters name. Her name is Mercedi.  The colors of her name that I chose were Red, Electriv Blue, diamond White and Cyan.  

     I chose a pattern that I came across on a blog that is linked here. It is called Simple Stripes:
It was a really good tutorial and an easy quilt to sew. The entire top can be done in a day.  I actually am going to to make at least one more of these quilts to sell!  The fabric collection is called Simon and Kabuki by Quilting Treasures.  I added the Zebra.  Did I say I really loved it!!  

      I was going to use the zebra back but I temporarily misplaced it.  Instead I used a black and white Aztec looking design.  But I did have enough to do the binding in zebra. 

     If your interested in buying this quilt please let me know!! 

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