Saturday, December 28, 2013

The End of A Very Busy Holidays

     This has been a very busy year.  I have learned many lessons.  This year I took on more then I could chew in the crafting business.  I feel like I sewed so much for others that I could not do for myself.  From outfits to items and quilts.   I made the 3 memory quilts from the previous post and another for a friend in high schools mother.  These are very time consuming but give me such joy!  I have learned a new method of quilting and used material that I have never used before.  I have sewn up new objects as gifts.  I have decided that next year I will work on Christmas all year.  I will not have to wait to the last minute to do for myself. 

     Here is the quilt I made for my friend Melissa's mom.  It has a Rayon Scarf, flannel baby blanket and 2 t-shirts in it. I boardered it out in a paisley brown fabric.   I used a cream Damask fabric to bind it and a red flowered backing.  The fabrics I used blended with the colors in the shirts.  I was really surprised how the Rayon scarf held to the stabilizer.  I just wonder how it will hold up in future. 

    I have really learned this holiday, that even though making for other makes me happy that I must take care of my own first.  A change for next year.  A way for me to remember the reason for the season.  Her is to a difference in 2014!!

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