Sunday, February 22, 2015

Little Charle's Heart

     This week has been an emotional Wave.  We literally lost one of our Hearts. We lost Grandaddy Humbert.  One the most influential men in both my husband and boys life.  He truly will be missed by all.   I just pray that my boys move on into  the future with ease knowing that "Little Papa" will be at peace.  

     This week has made me feel like I am back to my first season of project quilt, a last minute finish. 

     When this weeks challenge was announced,  I knew exactly what I was going to do.  A big Twister heart quilt.  Months ago I bought the big twister tool and had not used it.  Over time I loved the twister heart quilts I saw on Pinterest.   So I looked them over and figured out a plan.  There are actually a lot of different designs out there for a heart.  

     I picked out 17 different pieces of fabric to make thirty-four 10 inch squares.  I decided to use a paisley white on white fabric as the background.  I was so proud of myself that most of these fabrics came out of my scrap bin!! I was even able to cut an almost entire kit for another heart twister quilt. 

    The pattern is pretty easy.  You lay the pink and red fabric out in a heart design. Then add white 10 inch squares to fill in the holes.  It made a big 70 x 70 square. I then added a 6 1/2 inch white sashing to it.  

     The second cutting part takes some time.  You have to be very detailed and careful since cuts are very close together.   You lay the cutting tool on the fabric to line up to the seam in the blocks. Then you cut around the twister tool. This makes a new 8 inch block.  There are 64 blocks total. 

     The hard part is making sure that you line up the new blocks right.  The twirl that is developed cuts a single fabric into 4 pieces.  The coresponding rows then have to match up.  

     After sewing the blocks together I had to think hard about doing another boarder. The decision was made by time.  I didn't have it so just the blocks would complete the quilt. There is still a little white border all around the heart. The quilt is 62 x 62 inches. 

     I backed the quilt with a pinck fabric with little pink and black squares on it. 

     I did different quilting in different areas.    I have been trying to watch a Leah day video each week and try something new that I learn.  The center of all the twirls have a double loop flower like twirl in each.   I then outlined each twirl with a small wave type pattern.  

     In the outside white area I just meandered and added some small Hearts to my FMQing.   I did this to the edges. 

     To bind it I used one of the pinks from inside the heart.  It is a blender fabric.  I did a machine stitched binding.  

     This quilt will be a present for my neighbors sons bridal shower next weekend.  We have called him "Little Charles" for years, even though he is not that little.  Most everyone who knows him, knows he has a big heart.  So this quilt fits him!!  My son Waylon says "Charles doesn't want a girlie quilt."  He doesn't understand the path of adults yet.  Where life is about what something means, not about its looks. 

     I hope you like the quilt.  It has really taken my heart and soul this week.  Dance on in heaven Robert Lee Humbert and u bet the best grass to be cut is there. 


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss of a big heart. You turned a week of sadness into a a heart felt quilt. A beautiful gift.

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. Wanted you to know I voted for you...loved your quilt. Take care, Jane (Mulberry Patch Quilts)

    1. thank you for the uplifting!! I need the smile to continue!!!

  3. Perfect way to express your love and grief. Its a beautiful quilt! Im sorry for your loss.

  4. I'm so sorry for your loss! What a lovely tribute you made and I'm sure it will be loved!