Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Rain Boot Strip Quilt

     I wait eagerly each Sunday for the unveiling of the Project Quilt Challenge.  This week I was hoping that the challenge would be something that I could do for a young lady that recently found out she has Cancer.  And when the Challenge was unveiled it was.  It was!!!  The Challenge this week was to finish a UFOS!!  If you have been to my home you know I have PLENTY of those!! 

     As I pulled open my ziplock bag bin of projects I found a few possibilities, but none that I knew were the one.  I then went to my shelf of bins.  The first one I pulled down I knew was it!!   It was this bin full of fabric that I cut leftover from a quilt last year!

     This is the quilt.  And a link about it! http://fosteringothers.blogspot.com/2013/12/rainy-days-quilt.html?m=0

    The fabric Simon + Kabuki by Quilted Treasure.  

    The quilt was cut out of 11.5 inch strips.  I had plenty left.  I accidentally cut 10.5 inch strips.  So I decided to make a new quilt design. I decided to make one long 11.5 inch strip for the middle.  Then two 10.5 inch strips.  Between those 2 strips I was going to put 5 inch strips.   On either side of those strips I put a black and white dotted 2 inch piece of fabric. 

     I cut the pieces going into the strips randomly.  The original quilt had a set pattern,  but I enjoy the randomness.  When I sewed the 11.5 inch pieces together they totaled 52 inches.  I made 4 strips out of the 10.5 inch pieces to be 52 inches long.  

     I then evened the 4 strips into 10 inch wide pieces.  Then cut 2 into 5 inch strips.  The 11.5 inch one I evened out into a 11 inch strip.  

     I then sewed the black 2 inch strips onto either side of two 5 inch strips and the top of another and the bottom of the forth.  This allowed the quilt to be seen together quickly.  

     I decided that since this was a lap quilt it was big enough without any boarders.    For the backing I used some Westminister fabric I bought a 5 yard pack of at Tuesday morning for a good deal(we all love those!!)

     To quilt it,  I used my walking foot and made a straight line on rather side of the long sides of the long strips.  In the 5 inch strips I have been practicing doing a circle swirl.  They did not all turn out right,  but I am excited to try them again on a big project!!

     On the 11 and 10 inch strips I I did a small gentle wave.  I think I need to practice on the evenness of these.  When I get FMQ I like to go fast.  But I need to remind myself to slow down.

     I bond the quilt in a green umbrella print that I only used in the center strip of the quilt.  This really brought out the green.  

     Today I am taking this quilt to Kayla.  My prayers are that she is wrapped in love with Gods healing.  She is a beautiful strong girl that I know will an asset to this world one day!!  You have this fight Kayla!!!

     I take my photos in places that relate to the person I am giving them too when I have time.  The area I took it at use to be a volleyball court where Kayla's mom played each Sunday.  Those days I thought about are now long gone.   The Chickens though enjoyed following me around!! 


  1. The first quilt was great, but this one may be even better! Super cool.

  2. Hi chickens! Your quilt is sweet and I love hearing about your process. I like the randomness and the different widths as well as your practicing FMQ. www.quiltartbymegan.com