Saturday, February 28, 2015

March Goals

     This month I get to go to something exciting!!  My first Quilt meeting!!  I joined the Quilters of SC last year and have not been able to go to a meeting yet.  But I did go to thier retreat last spring.   Not only do I get to go to the retreat, but I am going to hear Kimberly Einmo speak.  Then I get to go to one of her classes on Sunday!! Sooooo excited.  More about that later. 

     One of my goals this month is to make a sewing mat for my sewing machine.  I keep saying I am going to make one and haven't.  I found a neat pattern for one here:

     I think I might base mine off of that!  I didn't want to make a mat that hung over since I know that every seating area I go to is going to be different.   

  Back to my goals!  I almost met my goals for Febuary,  so I am going to try hard to meet my March goals!!!

    There are 2 project Quilt challenges left for the year and they both due this month.  One starts today!! 

    For Ahhhh's I want to finish the small diamond one I have been working on for months!!  And maybe one more!! 

     I am going to do the Pantone quilt challenge.  I want to finish the star center of one of my tops by then.  It will all be paper pieced. 

     I also need to also do a commissioned tshirt quilt.

     I know that's a lot,  so I am crossing my fingers to finish!! 

     Here is my list of goals for 2015 and where I am at. 

1. Scrappy Quilt around the World
2. String Quilt- 12 blocks done
3. Crab Quilt 
4. Jean Scrap Quilt
5. I spy boy quilt- cut
6. I spy girl quilt
7. Christmas I spy quilt
8. Christmas tree quilt- done
9. Civil War quilt
10. Batik quilt- done
11. 2 inch quilt
12. Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt 2013- I think I am only going to finish the parts I started. 
13. Feed Sack quilt
14. Autism Quilt
15. Crown Royal Quilt- All cut and sewing started 
16. Herbie scrap quilt- Shawn 
17. Bejeweled quilt
18. All Project quilts
19. Yenter Star quilt- working on
20. Anna tshirt quilt
21. Brad's wedding quilt- fabric cut
22. Tree skirt
23. Ahhhh Quilt- finished 3 this year. 

     This should be enough for a hopefully uneventful month!!!

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