Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Scrap Hexie Flowers

     A few months ago I joined a new Facebook group called "quilt by Hand".  This group is for all skill levels to learn and share about hand quilting methods. 

     Each month the group has a new challenge.  This month the Challenge was to try something new!!  After last months Challenge I had a good bit of scraps left.  I knew just what to do!!  Hard to believe, but I have never done a Hexie only piece.

     For Christmas I received a Hexie punch by Fiskar.  The punch makes 1 1/2 inch inch sided Hexies out of whatever material you punch them.  I literally use my junk mail and office supply trash.  

     Since I had a month worth of pieces all I needed was a plan.  Of course I went to Pinterest!  I saw these Hexie flowers with little embroidery flowers inside.  I thought this would be a good project!!

     Then I cut out and glues my fabric onto the Hexies.  No fussy cutting this time,  I was using scraps.  

     I then put the Hexies up to the White material and decided that it wasn't going to work.  I auditioned black and yellow Yenter blender fabric next.  With my friend Tonya, I decided to do yellow centers! 

     All of the scraps came from only 2 pieces of fabric.  I separated out the ones with like color or patterns.  I then separated them into groups of the 6 pieces that were most alike.  Bagged them up and commenced to sewing Hexies.  

     There ended up being 16 Hexie flowers.  I tried to lay them out in different ways.  In the end I only liked a big triangle and or a diamond shape. After playing with the layout I decided I liked the diamond best.

     I have sewed lots of Ahhhhs and have only sewed a few together. Sewing batches of Hexies really still seems odd. I feel like I am always crushing a piece. 

    This is my first top using only Hexies.  The colors blend a little too much maybe,  but I love how this has turned out using just scraps!!!



  1. it looks great. If you start by going around the center all 6 sides, then remove the center cardstock, you won't crush the pieces, leave the flaps hanging until you sew the flowers together and have a plan for them, then act like one petal is the center and starting by the center, go around again and again remove pieces as you go. looks great.

    1. Bea, I was taking them out as I went. I think it was more that I am use to the straight lines of the Ahhhh's. When sewing big pieces together.