Monday, March 30, 2015

I Made It to Number 50!!

    As most of you know, I love Ahhhh's!! And if you don't know what they are, hop over to Hillbilly Quilt Shop and check them out!  Their real name is Artistic, Hexitic, Hectic, Hillbilly Hexagons.  

   As some of you have realized I have made way more then 50 by now, but I have finally finished every one between #1 and #50 in my favorite fabric "Deco" by Jason Yenter.  

     This has been truly a hard adventure because some of these have very little pieces and the sides only equal 3 inches.  This one has 108 diamonds in it.  

  #50- Illusions has taken me forever,  not because it is hard,  but because I am always scared I will loose pieces or I never cut the right amount of the color needed.  But here it is finally done!!! 


  1. I also love Tonya's AHHHH's and have made 101. Some are now in a quilt top that when actually finished I will send a photo to Tonya. Just be aware that the more pieces there are( like this one) they actually come out a bit bigger than the 3"... the more pieces the more bits of fabric so it creeps out in size.I think you have done an amazing job with it though. well done.

    1. Thanks!! I told Tonya the same thing about the size not long ago and think I have a plan to concur that!! I would love to see your piece!!!