Sunday, March 1, 2015

Shangri La Big Charm Star Quilt

     Another Project Quilt inspired finish!!!  This time the theme was your favorite fabric.  Everyone knows my favorite fabric designer and a few know my favorite fabric.  Jason Yenter, Deco!!   The only thing is I can't touch it till my 2 years in the making EPP project is done.

      To choose my next favorite is hard.  I love all Jason Yenter fabrics!! My next 2 favorite lines are Shangri La and Paradise.  I have been using a bit of Shangri La lately and already have it out. Out of the basic fabrics I loved the teal of Shangri La, So my decision was made, Shangri La. 

     I love the patterns and colors that Jason puts into his fabric. They are sooooo vibrant!!  The repeats are wonderful for EPP.  Each collection has several color ranges that all blend together.  If you follow my blog you have seen me use the blues of the Shangri La collection lately.   If I had to chose one fabric of the collections, it would be the base fabric.  Here are the 3:

      In this quilt I decided to use just about all of the collection. There are 24 different fabrics in this quilt.  I couldn't decide what to use, so I used most of what I had.  I have issues cutting into my Yenter fabric so I was proud that I cut into so many different pieces! 

     A while back I decided I was going to make a Big Charm Star Quilt from the Missouri star video.   The quilt is made of charm packs.  Oh how I wish In The Beginning made Charm packs, but they don't.   So I cut my own.  

     The quilt is made using **** charm squares and a big star.  The big star is made from six, 9 inch stars.  Four from the teal and 2 pink.  

     For the charm squares they were laid out as follows: Two rows of 12 across the top,  five rows of 2 on the left of the star, 5 rows of 5 on the right of the star and Twelve rows of 9 across the bottom.  I miss counted and only have 8 rows. 

     The star was made by putting two of the 9 inch teal squares together and sewing a 1/4 inch sean around all the sides. Then putting a pink and teal square together and sewing the outsides if this also.  Do this twice.  Next, cut the squares into triangles, this is done by cutting each square from corner to corner.  The cut is just like an "X".  Lay out the star and sew it in rows, then sew the rows together.  This was actually an easy process.  

     I decided to add 2 borders to the quilt.   The first of 2 1/2 inch teal.  Then a 4 1/2 inch Pink Blender.  This makes my largest quilt I have made for Project Quilt yet, 65x80. 

     For the backing,  I sewed 2 pieces of material together.  A pink blender and a black and pink floral. 

     I like a thicker binding.  I cut one of the main fabrics into 2.75 inches.  I machine sewed it. 

     I am taking a Craftsy free motion quilting class by Leah Day.  I am watching a section of the video before each time I FMQ.  I am then practicing the pattern she is teaching in my quilt.  In this quilt I used three.  

     For the inner star and teal boarder I did a continuous twirl pattern.  

     For the Pink part of the star I practiced my first Paisley's.  In the corners I did single paisley's and in the centers I did triple paisley's.

     In the charm section of the quilt I did continuous Paisley's all the way around from the boarder to the star. 

     This is the most detailed I have been with my FMQ in a quilt this large.  It's not at all perfect, but I like how it turned out!!

    My quilts are always earmarked for someone else before I finish.  I think this one will stay with me.  At least for a while!  



  1. I have a Lisa day class purchased. I bought it a couple of years ago and that is as far as it got. Youve learned alot from it it looks like!

  2. great quilt and the quilting looks great too!