Sunday, March 15, 2015

Scrappy Blue Spinning Nines

     This is the last regular season Project Quilt Challenge of the year.  This Challenge might be the hardest of the year.   We usually are given a theme and then after that we decide on fabric and design.  This time we were told what size fabric we had to use.   This throws a wrench in my thought process. It makes me think out of order.  

     I first started this challenge thinking I was going to make an ISPY quilt.  Then as I went threw the charm squares I had packed away, I decided to to use a pile of blue floral fabric as my base.  

     I won this pile of charms about 2 years ago.  I knew it wasn't my style so I couldn't decide what to use with it.  So it went in my Charm square drawer, where it sat till now.  I had 54 of them.  

    I then started to ponder what to do with them.  In the same stay I found the squares were white and blue squares that looked good with it!!  I had to cut more, but that was fine!! I only had the exact number I needed for the quilt.  I found a few more charm squares of dark blue and white.  My decision was made!!  I went to my stash and found a country blue I knew would be perfect!  Then as I was looking I also found a scrap of white with Blue dots.  The 4 fabrics blended with the floral well!!

    While I was choosing fabric,  my thought went to a pattern I bought from the blogger that hosts project quilt.  I knew then it would be the perfect one to alter to fit this challenge!!  It is called Spinning Nines.  I am really wanting to do the pattern in batiks, but this will do for now!!

     To make the quilt,  you must first sew the desired amount of nine patches together.  I decided to make 4 rows of three blocks.  Every other row had a rotation of the layout.  This used up everyone of my floral blocks.

     The Next step was very easy.  I cut the blocks in an "X", from corner to corner. 

     I rotated the blocks so that there was a random layout of diamonds around the quilt.   Some of the floral kept appearing next to each other but I just let it.  For a few I tried uniformity,  but then realized it did not work. 

     After sewing 4 triangles together to form new blocks I sewed the quilt into rows.  Then all together. 

     The quilt seemed small and I still had extra charms.  So I cut them in half and made a 2 inch border for the quilt.  The quilt ended up being 42x54. 

     I used the country blue as the binding.

     For the backing, I did not like any of my normal yardage.  As I dug threw my bigger pieces, I found a bigger piece of green from the same error. When I put it up to the blues, it looked just right!!

     I am still watching a section of Leah Days FMQ video every time I make a quilt.  The lesson I watched for this was a 3 loop clover/flower with stippling. It took me till I was almost done to really get the feel of this.  I do love how it turned out.  They are not perfect, but it works!!

     The hardest part and the step I need to learn more about was sewing the triangles back together.  The center ended up with humps from the 4 points.  I guess this will be my next lesson to teach myself!!

     I hope you enjoyed this season of Project Quilt as much as me.  I always enjoy the adventure and the challenge to try something new!!  Best of all,  I completed all the projects again this year just using my stash!! 

     Sadly,  this quilt is going to Mrs Doris from the little hospital I work at.  She is the newest victim of the dreamed word cancer.  



  1. This turned out really nice. Did you spin those seams were the triangles met? It really helps them lay flatter.

  2. How cool that you used Kim's pattern for Kim's challenge! This floral quilt is lovely. I think the pattern will also be good with batiks. As the previous comment says, the trick to the seams laying flat is all in the ironing.