Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sewing Machine Mat

    I finally sat down today and started my sewing machine mat!!!! I am going to that class next weekend and I still haven't made one for my Janome yet.

     I looked at a lot of tutorials over the last few weeks and found none that really met my machine size, likes or needs.  I did not like the pocket hanging of the side as most had either.  I found one pattern on Craftsy that was close .  So I took ideas from that one and designed my own!

     Over the last few years I have collected a good bit of sewing related fabric.  Sad thing is I have never used any of it until today. 

     I pulled out the fabric and decided which one I wanted on top.  It was this cute "Stay Calm" fabric.  

     For the backing I chose a black background with gray safety pins.

     The binding and scissor holder are made of a white stick pin fabric. 

     The Pocket fabric is a black Stick Pin fabric.  

     To make it I measured my machine.  I have a Janome Horizon. It is a fairly large machine,  the throat is 11 1/2 inches.   I decide to cut my mat 19 by 28.  This allows for a few inches behind my machine and a few inches to the left of my machine.   I wanted at least 6 inches up front and to the right of the machine.   This allows for the pocket to be placed and room for your pin holder.  

     If your not sure how much room you need, just lay your machine on your cutting mat in the manner you sew on a table with it.  Then add about 6-8 inches to the right of it and 2-4 to the left and rear.  You now have your mat dimensions.

     Cut two pieces of fabric and one piece of fleece or backing your desired dimensions.  Spray baste or pin the layers together in your desired method.  Now Quilt the layers in the design and method of your choosing. 

    Cut your binding.  Make it your normal binding width, (or use premade binding).  Add an extra 4 inches of length when cutting.  Iron your binding in 1/2.  Then cut the 4 inches off, this will be your scissor loop. 

     Fold scissor loop closed with the main side of the fabric facing each other.  Sew the scissor loop closed.   Push it back into itself so the main fabric faces the outside. Iron strip in half. 

     For your pen holder pocket, cut a strip of fabric 6 x 10 inches.    On the top side of the pocket do a rolled hem or folded over hem.  Find the area you want to start your pocket.  It should be approximately 6 inches in from the corner.  Pin the scissor loop under the start line so that a 1/2 inch goes over the planned stitch line. Sew along the stitch line at a 1/2 inch from the fabric edge. 

     For the pen pockets if you chose,  place pen in area.  Pin on the opposite side from the start line sew just on the right side of the pin. I did this twice. 

     For the bigger pocket area, I squished in the pocket edge to leave about 2 inches of excess fabric.  Just enough to keep it from gaping open.  Sew it down 1/4 inch from the edge of the quilted area.

     Bind the quilt in your desired method of binding.  

     Add the strap to your scissors and your done!!  You can do this with Velcro.  Sewing a loop on each end of the strap or string or just sewing it closed. 

(I forgot to take pictures as I went.  If there is enough interest, I will do another step by step photo tutorial). Sorry the photos are not the best.  In a temporary sewing space. 

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  1. looks great! I have that fabric too and may NEED to make one of these too.