Sunday, March 23, 2014

Watercolor Triangle Quilt

     The Last Project Quilt Challenge is Triangles.   What seems like a simple challenge, but I can't just let it be simple. I saw the challenge and had so many inspirations and ides.  But my mind keeps going back to the Olympic 2014 Quilts.   The quilts were full of triangles and diamonds and blending colors. I was just in love!!!  But I could not find a pattern.  So I decided I would do real triangles.  But I have never done any real triangles, so I pulled out my Tri Recs rulers.   I decided it would be a good time to use them!!   

     Then I had to pick out fabrics.  I knew I would need lots of blending colors.  I suddenly got overwhelmed by my fabric shelves. Then I looked down and saw my pile I just got in the mail from Hillbilly Handiworks.  It was a bunch of sale fabric that came from 2 collections from the same designer, that just happened to blend.  The fabric appeared to look like watercolor.  I would have liked a more one color tone collection, but it was gonna work and I had no idea what to do with the fabrics!!

    There were 15 different fabrics and I cut them into 6.5 inch strips then cut them into triangles.  I saved the ends to use at the ends and cut those with the 1/2 triangle ruler.  

     I then began the long process of sewing them into rows.  I had no pattern, so it was a trial and error process.  The rows ended up being 18 whole triangles wide by 12 rows long.   It ended up being 60x66.   

     The exciting thing is that this is the first top that I pieced completely on my featherweight Cindy.  I have had her since October but have not been able to use her as much as I wanted.  She needs a good tune up, but did well piecing this top!!

     I did not lay this top out in any specific pattern, I just let it flow as it was going to.   I was hoping that some matching fabrics would come along and make triangles.   Only a few appeared. But I love the suttle matches! 

     I then sewed 2 larger pieces of the fabric collection together to make a backing.  One, was this beautiful Hydrangeas fabric.  I used it for the majority of the backing.   The other an elaborate plaid. 

    I did a basic outline stitching on the quilt that was actually also triangles.  I just followed the lines of the quilt in three different directions.  

     I bound the quilt in a pink squiggly line that was part of the collection.  I did a swirly pattern on the binding.  The stitching is not perfect.  Had a brand of thread problem.  One of those, I know what brand not to use next time.  

     I am giving this quilt to my wonderful neighbor Anne.  She is a bright inspiration to all.  She has fought so many battles in her life and has not let them get her down.  But she just had back surgery and needs some cheering up.   I think that this may give her the happy Spring feel on the first week of Spring.  I hope this will do just that!!!


  1. This turned out to be lovely. It'll make a great gift. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the choices in my stash, too. Could have taken all week just to pick the color combo. Nice work.

  2. Looks like Spring. It is sure to bring joy to your friend.