Thursday, March 6, 2014

Making A Girls Day!!

     Last Thursday my coworker brought me an outfit to Alter for her daughter.  After taking a look and having a conversation we decided that it would be best to just make a new dress.  The week I had to make it was very limited for me, but I knew I could do it!   I actually bought the fabric on Sunday and procrastinated.  I had to have it made by Wednesday evening for her to try on. Typical me, I waited till Wednesday morning to start. 

     The dresss was for a school pageant and her mom decided to use a dress called "Paris' Tweeb Party dress' found on etsy.   Here is a link

     The girl I was a making the dress for was 11 but wore a size 15/16. She was more developed then the other girls in her group.  And much taller.  She wanted to disguise this.  So we decided that we would use the 15/16 size pattern and not the one with cups.  First mistake.  Here is a photo with her and wearing it exactly as the pattern said. 

     She did not like the fact that she was not covered on the left side at the breast area and the strap going across the back was to tight.  I had also made a sash and her mom wanted it bigger to define her waist more.  This pattern is more high cut and kind of A line. 

     So I took the sashing I originally made and did a kind of gathered poof hand sewn at the top.  I also took off one of the straps, folded over the top some and hand sewed the poof along the one strap.  

     I then cut 3 pieces of the silk into 10 inch widths by the WOF and sewed them tog eye and then cased them into a sash.  I then hand sewed the sash to the front to Make sure it sat right the entire time.  The length of the fabric allowed for both there not to be a seam in the front and a big bow in the back the length of the dress.  I think this looks so sweet. 

     The pattern was very easy to follow.  I would suggest doing a sample first before making out of good material to make sure the sizing is right.  I would also suggest you do the method of not sewing the straps down till you know it fits.  The length of this dress was perfect for the tea length called for in the pageant.   I am actually planning on making this dress again for another child I know. 

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