Saturday, March 1, 2014

March Marks This Years Future


   It's time I get started back into my life.  Since January I have felt a world of emotions and seen my world overturn. I have still not gotten back to my regular sewing routine.  But March is going to be my month of getting on top of that challenge!!!   I have not gotten far on my list of Projects to do and have done no Sampler blocks this year. I am Challenging myself this month to get caught up.  To meet the challenge and try to get a lot of my projects done. I feel the only thing I have truly worked on are the Ahhhh's.  That is because they can go with me wherever I go.  

1- Scrappy Quilt around the world
2- string quilt- DONE
3- crab quilt
4- Rainbow quilt
5- Jean scrap quilt
6- Cindy's moms quilt
7- I spy quilt boyW
8- I spy quilt girl
9- Christmas I spy quilt
10- Christmas Tree quilt
11- Cival War Quilt
12- Batik Quilt
13- 2 inch strip quilt
14- breast cancer quilt
15- Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt
16- feed sack quilt
17- rainboot quilt
18- design a block for Persimon Dreams Blog
19- Floor Pillow
20- 37 sunflower blocks Done
21- Autism quilt for Michael
22- Crown royal Quilt
23- Herbie pocket quilt
24- Karen quilt
25- Herbie Scrap quilt
26- Project Quilt all weeks half way done
27- Bejeweled Quilt
28- Project Quilt bonus challenge. 
29- Project Quilt Monthly Challanges
30- Finish 20 more Ahhhh's- 8 finished 
31- 3 Chromacity Ahhhh Challenges

     To knock a few things off the list I will finish at least 2 of my Chromacity challenges off this month, 2 Project Quilt Challenges and I am hoping to get started on Cindy's moms quilt.  If I can do that I will get 3 quilts done this month.     I am behind on the block of the month.  So I have decided that I will do at least 3 this month.  If I do an extra a month I can catch up in 4 months!!!

 If you want to participate, come look here

If you want to participate in project quilt take a look at this link html?m=1

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