Saturday, March 1, 2014

First Every Quilt Show


   Nothing to ever get you inspired more then a quilt show.  I might have a new addiction!!!   My friend Belinda and I went to our first ever quilt show in Mt Pleasant Yesterday.   The Cobblestone Quilting Guild from the Charleston area puts this on every other year.  I got into quilting about a year and a half ago so this was my first!
     This was also Belinda's first trip across the Cooper River bridge.  Odd thing is this years quilt poster for the show was of the bridge. And we went back over a second time.  Maybe we can get her into Mt Pleasant more often!!!
     I have already decided that I will split the photos I took between 3 posts!  I started off good taking photos of the cards on each quilt, but as time went on I was just photographing the quilt, my apologies:(.  I only took photos of those that hit me for some reason.
     Here is the first quilt I fell for, a mariners star.

     I love how small blocks turn into large quilts.  Would love to do one, one day. 

     This is a small wall hanging.  I loves small pieces and the colors.

     Don't know if that's the name I would call it.

     If you know a lot about me, you know I love paper piecing.  There are such small hexies in this!!

     I love how the past inspires the future!!!

     Maybe one day I will be good enough to make this!! Love the colors! 

     And how basic swirling completes the quilt. 

     A true modern and basic quilt!!  The colors I love to do for kids though. 

     There is always math in quilts!!!

     These sunflowers went up the center but were not centered on the quilt.  I loved it, but Belinda didn't. 

     Now this piece I really liked and took a  few photos.  The fabric is fabric painted.   It is also wrinkled and scrunched up on purpose.  

     I also loved the fine stitching on the flowers.  I believe it's called thread painting.  

     There is also beading and crystals inlaid into the basic quilting. 

     I really think I would like to do one like this.  I am in love!!!

     I regret I did not take a picture if the entire quilt but people stayed crowded around this.  I took several photos of one section.  It is covered with this fine quilting!!  

     All i have to say about the quilting on this plain piece is fabric is beautiful!!!  I would never have the patience for this.

     Every stitch looks sooooo perfect. 

     Judy, whoever you are you did an awesome job!!!

Will be back in a day or 2 with a new set of photos!! Really had fun and already planning a trip to Hilton Heads Show!!!

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