Friday, March 7, 2014

Giving Up For Lent???

     Last year I gave up buying fabric for Lent.  A hard thing for me to do!  This year I was undecided till the last moment.  I decided this year I would make a lifestyle change with food.  A journey I have done several times.  I started out the year good with a healthier diet.  But then my mom got sick and died.  I began to stress diet.  I started eating things that I was doing without before.  While I was out of town with my mom I did a lot of eating out.  Which is truly not the healthiest.  So there led the start of my Lent decision.
     I was trying to decide what I wanted to give up for lent.  I thought about something sewing related again.  I crossed this out quickly since this is a much needed stress reliever right now.  I then went to fast food.  I crossed this out also.  I have been working a lot lately and will be in the next month to come.  So I decided I will make a change there and do healthier, but not give up eating out.  My next thought was sweets.  I have struggled with that in the past.  I am being so unchristian and bad saying I don't think I can do this for the month.  Another stress reliever.  But then I thought I could also pray away some of my stresses.  I decided to make another cut in this area.  That included sweet drinks.  Once I am out of my stash I am done for now.  Don't buy, won't drink right!  So I decided that the one thing I have been doing a lot of lately again was candy eating.  So I decided to give up candy.   I am hoping that God will help me with my start of permanently giving this up!  I really have a lot of stress and hard feelings to give up to God right now.  So I am hoping that this will allow me some closer time.  Some peace and reflection.

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