Friday, June 24, 2016

Row by Row 2016 Day 4, Row 4

     I am caught back up to doing my rows in order.  It just took me longer to do People Places and Quilts row then it did the rest.  Had to trace and cut lots of pieces.

     If you have never been to visit People Places and Quilts,  it's worth the trip.  And I am not just saying this because it's the closest store to my house.  Diane and her daughter pour their soul into the place.  There is sooo much knowledge ther.  If one of the employees doesn't know the answer, another does.  Honestly,  the have the best employees, especially Sue!!  She is so knowledgeable about the Janome sewing machines!  The fabric selection is the best.  If you don't see what you want,  just ask, they will order it!  When you can't decide what matches,  the ladies there have the best eye and there are always a group of customers there to give their opinion!!  

     On to their row, well there is a lot of Appliqué,  did I say it's not always my favorite...   I really do the most appliqué in a year during Row by Row.  I am not too good with all the little pieces.  I did go the hard way with the background and did the extra piecing recomendation!  I do love to piece!!!!    

     The row is cute!! Love all the different patterned fabric.  This gets me out of being too matchy.  This kit as a whole is just awesome.  The fabric provided is more then you will need.  She gives you bonus accessories to decorate your row with.   Even the kit was awesome to look at.  They did well again this year with a full size full length printed pattern that was easy to read.   Honestly, there is nothing better they could have done with the pattern.

     Here is their license plate.  So fitting of them!!  If you have a chance and your in the summerville area, go hang out in the shop,  I promise you will leave with a smile


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