Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Row by Row Day 2, Row 2.

    Today we are doing the row from Five Eighths Seams in West Ashley.   I found this store soon after they opened by a suggestion from another store that they might have what I was looking for.  Five years later and it's amazing to see their growth!   I don't go there very often because of the distance, but love stopping in when I am over their direction.   The ladies who run this shop are amazing and I have enjoyed the fabric sisters there! 

     This year they are in a new bigger store.  The classroom is amazing!! When I walked in they had a summer camp going on one side and a small group in the fabric room.  Made me excited to see all the people excited about sewing.  Definitely a place anyone should visit if they are in the  Charleston area!

     Now to their row...   I was actually questionable and honestly did not understand this row.  Then I realized the darker colors on the palm tree represented church steeples! Amazing idea, the beach, our state symbol and churches all in one!! Love it. 

     The directions were good. The background went together quickly.  The appliqué pieced together well.  The only thing I did not like was the fact that the words "Holy City" we're not reversed on the pattern.  This would make it a lot easier.  Yes,  the simple things bother me.  I don't have a light box because I don't appliqué much,  but it would have come in handy just for those word. 

     I have not done appliqué in about a year, so this got me back in the groove, sort of... Really need more practice!  I guess I will have lots the next few days!   I don't think it's too bad after working an 11 hour shift today!!  

     Here's their license plate!  I actually love it too!! Also I think they only had me stop at their store the other day to unlock the bathroom!!  Lol


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