Friday, June 24, 2016

Row by Row 2016 Day 4, Row 5

     So excited before I came to work tonight I was able to work on another row!  This kit was amazing and most of the pieces were already cut.  I loved it.  This row is from A Stitch-N-Time, Again in Orangeburg, SC.  It was my fourth stop in my adventure,  Nice to get out of the car after over an hour drive. 

     The shop is easy to find and just a little distance off the interstate.  It was full of fabric and sewing accesories.  A lot of the fabric was older, not much newer stock, but if you are a person like me you would love it.  I was excited to find one of my favorite older Jason Yenter prints!!!  The owner knows her stock and just where things are at.  There is not much meeting and class space in the store, but not sure if she does much either.  I do think it might be a place for me to go hunt if I am looking for an older piece of fabric!!

     As for the row, the kit was amazing.  The owner hand cut sooo many pieces and put them in individual bags matching the section they belonged in.  They were already fused and ready to go.  There were only a few pieces to trim and you were ready to sew.  She had 2 kit options and I chose kit #2.  And when I mean the kit was ready, it was and went together sooooo quickly.  It was really worth the money.  The only thing I did not like was thier was no true pattern in the kit if you wanted to make another.  I questioned the high price, but it was worth the work.   

     Here is her plate,  Not sure of the meaning, but maybe one of you can tell me!

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