Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Row by Row 2016 Day 1, Row 1

  After getting home from my adventure this evening, my goal was to finish 1 row. I decide to tackle the rows in the order of the  shops I went to. So here goes Row 1... Oh, and I also decide to tell you a little about each store I visited every day. 

    I was officially the first Rower of 2016 at Stitch N' Sew in Mt Pleasant, SC. The store owner was just inside at opening time and greeted me with a smile.  The store is tucked under some trees and you would almost miss it if it wasn't for its bright color and sign.  

     The store has a nice selection of kits, accessories and fabric.  There is something tucked in every corner.  Definitely a place you can find a project at. 

     As for the row, I thought it was probably the simplest of them all. It is just basic rectangles sewn into blocks.  I actually kind of thought it was simple until as I checked out I was told one of the ladies from the store did the artwork.  Yes, drew it themselves.  At that moment, I put a little more thought into the row and fell in love!  I was honestly wanting someone to do the rainbow row house when I thought of the theme, but these weren't colored.  Then I thought, the colors of the fabric were!!   The row then came together for me and I appreciated it more.  

     The only thing I did not like about this row kit was the printed fabric.  It was printed on a Dritz printable muslin.  The artwork was awesome.  Getting the backing off was not easy.  The instructions said if it was difficult to soak it.  But then I couldn't finish my block tonight. I ended up getting a little hole going and used a butter knife to slowly get under it to peel its.   This took forever to get it all the backing off.  

     Once the back was off it only took a few minutes to finish the block.  I love how it turned out!!

And here is the license plate.  

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