Thursday, June 23, 2016

Row by Row 2016 Day 3, Row 3

     Today I had to change it up, I knew I would not have time to finish my third store and work a long shift,  so I pulled out an easy row to work on with the People Places and Quilts row.  I ended up doing a row from Pieces and Patches in Lexington, SC. 

     I almost did not find this store.  It is actually kind of hidden behind and below the strip mall that it is in.  The store front is very hidden and no signage is there to lead you.  The store must do well from loyal customers and word of mouth since it does not have street view or signage.  The store inside is well stocked with lots of fabric.  They had a very nice selection of backing fabric and batiks.  I bought a piece of fabric from the clearance section.  She actually had a nice selection for a clearance section!  They had a very large sewing machine room with a longarm running.  The staff was also very helpful and friendly.   I think I found my applique stitch for this quilt! 

     Their row was very simply perfect.  Wonderful pricing for the kit.  It was patriotic themed with a little bit of piecing and just a little applique.  The fabric in the kit contained a little bit extra just in case there was a mistake in cutting.  My only suggestion is for them to have reversed the state and letter "S" on the pattern so it would make it easier to trace correctly.   There is no reminder to do so in the patter either.  The row went together fast and applique did not take that long.

     Here is their license plate!  Now if I can try to get most of 2 rows done tomorrow before my night shift!

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  1. Hi Terry. I enjoyed perusing your blog and am delighted you've discovered P&P. Including myself, it is know to many as 'My Happy Place'.