Thursday, October 31, 2013

Another scrap project

     I made a pair of ruffle pants the other week out of this material. I was is a quilt mood last week and since it was on top of the pile I started sewing and cutting.   I first cut two 2 inch strips out of the leftovers and then sewed each set together.  I then cut 3.5 inch squares out of that. I laid them out till they made a rectangle. I tried to make a "L" pattern. I sewed the strips together and measured the size I would need to cut for the center.  I then sewed the outside strips to the center.  I used the same material for the back and the binding. I quilted it using a rectangle maze pattern.  Not to happy with the binding but I decided not to redo it. 
     I gave it to my friend Jennifer who I share doing my business with.  They just moved into a new house and I have a goal of making something for her each holiday.  Her house burnt down a few years ago and I want to replenish her stock of holiday items!!! 
     Here is a photo of the pants! They are too cute!

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