Saturday, October 26, 2013

New Endeavors

     I usually don't sell my quilts but have had so many requests lately.  So I have decided to make a few simple ones to sell and see how it goes. 
     I bought a bunch of this Riley Blake material when it was on sale because I just loved it!  When I cut the 2 quilts out for my nephews a few months ago I cut enough to make one more in hopes to start selling.  Well I never found time to do that until now.  It's a simple quilt as I go pattern so it doesn't take that long. I did little helicopters all along the boarder. 
     I have decided to try to make at least 2 simple quilts each month to sell.  Don't know how realistic that goal is but I am going to try.  My only problem is pricing. Anyone out there have ideas what fair charges are for quilts? 

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