Monday, October 21, 2013

Quilts Heal

     Something I learned long ago...quilts and Blankets Heal.  Starting at a young age you get wrapped in a blanket and snuggled to make you feel better.  As I got older I turned to the blankets that I received from my grandma as a youth.  One a handmade quilt made by my great grandmother and the other just a soft blanket.  When I was sick or sad I turned to them and I always felt their love. It was just like a hug.  When I was older I got one that my grandma knitted.  A special gift since she also taught  me to knit.  That is now my go to blanket. 
     Since eighth grade I have been crocheting, knitting or sewing blankets.  All of which have been given as gifts to someone or used by my kids. Every person is always happy and tells me for time how much that blanket has meant.  The reason I think they mean so much is that they are handmade with love, from the heart.  A way for someone to always get a hug!
     For me it is a stress reliever, a process of  making something to heal my heart when needed.  There is something about the process off creating something for others that heals my heart.  
     I created a quilt for a dear friend Cindy months ago and she told me that quilt gave her love and hope. Today she was buried with it.  A request she gave her family.  It touched me.  In my heart I wanted her sister, her caretaker to be wrapped in love.  The night before she unexpectedly died I laid down the project I was working on and for no reason started working in a breast cancer quilt.  This is odd for me to start a project for no reason at all.  In my heart I think Cindy was talking to me. So in just a few days I finished this quilt made mostly of the same fabric I put in her quilt.  Now that feeling of Cindy's love will go on.  Cindy loved to do the same Hobbies as me and would do the same for my sister.  My hope is this will help her threw her mourning process. 
     I named my new Featherweight Cindy.  As I destress myself sewing she will always be with me making for others and wrapping people with love for many years.  
     This is her sisters quilt.  Could not resist at work to take a picture of it sitting in Cindy's chair. 

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