Saturday, October 26, 2013

An Apple A Day keeps A Man Working

     Went from not being in a big sewing mood to sewing nonstop.  I have a lot of outfit orders but all I have wanted to do is quilt.  I have a lot of projects going on at once.getting back in the groove. Really need to work on Christmas but other things come 1st. 
     Last month I fell behind in the quilt challenge I always do.  I had no time.  Crazy enough to find out the lady who runs the challenge was like me, busy!  So she extended it a month!!  I participate in Presimon Dreams Project Quilt every month where she gives a challenge.  So for September and October the challenge was "An Apple a day...."  At first I thought an apple project.  Then I thought about keeping a doctor away.  I did not know wat to do.  But then I went digging in my boxes to find something and found my forgotten about box of jean scraps.   I bought the box out of a fabric swap group.  There was enough to make an entire quilt.  
     So a few weeks ago every time I was cooking or doing something In the kitchen, I cut the scraps into 6 1/2 inch squares.  I have a cutting mat I leave on the kitchen island and when I can't leave the pot it's the perfect thing to do!  Jean is not an easy thing to cut.  It takes time and wears your hand out! 
     I decided to do a basic quilt.  I just sewed all the blocks together. I did not pay attention to shades.  Some squares are dirty or a little holie but that built character.  The lines were hard to keep straight due to thickness but it looks good.  I then only added a layer of flannel to the inside instead of batting because my husband doesn't like to be too hot.  I used a tan with white dots on the back for no reason but I didn't have too much fabric that was manly.  The binding is done in a bluish green that was on top of a pile.  I made a quilt tag on the back out of a jean square and a piece if the binding fabric using the stitches off my Janome Horizon. 
     So back to why I chose the jeans!!  I feel that an apple a day keeps a man at play or an apple a day keeps a man working!!  Today is my husbands birthday   And this quilt is for him.  Before today there is only one quilt in my house that I own that I made.  I give them all away. My family is now saying where is mine so this will make two out of three needed. 
I wanted this quilt to be one that could get dirty and I be ok with it.  My family lives in the yard.  They love working on things and driving tractors.  I try to feed them the healthy fruits and vegetables that we grow or we buy locally and I believe it keeps them healthy so they can play and work.  So my quilt will be called "Working Mans Blues"! Hoping my husband likes it!
     Below is a cucumber I picked from my garden today.  I did not plant fall cucumbers.  This is a volunteer plant!  Just hope the freezes stay away so I can get a few more.  I have never had fresh cucumbers in October!!

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