Friday, October 18, 2013

Sad Days Made Better By A Quilt

     Today is a very sad day for me.  My friend Cindy passed away.  She started with a battle with breast cancer that she survived.  It came back and metastasized. And took her life in a short period of time.   She was always the most optimistic person I knew. She is the one I made the breast cancer quilt for.  Her sister told me tonight that she asked to be buried with it.  That touched my heart more then anything. 
     I was in the middle of a quilt project last night and had a draw to start a new quilt.  Don't know why but I did,  it was out of the same material I made Cindy's. I actually ony have to sew the last row on.  I actually worked on it till 3am and then started back on it at 7.  I think Cindy and God knew her sister would need it.  She loved her sister and her sister took good care of her and let her move in with her.  My plan was to actually make sure she got Cindy's quilt, but Cindy had plans of her own.   So this quilt will be hers. For her to be wrapped in love. 
     I know Cindy is in heaven looking down on us.  I am doing the Komen race for you in the morning, but now I am sewing my sorrows away and maybe in a while I will knit in honor of you.  Will post this when I start free motion quilting your sisters blanket.  Thanks for making my life happier at work and for giving me another view on life!!!

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