Sunday, March 12, 2017

Week one of Chickens!


   I bought 5 chickens last Thursday, March 2nd.  The weather for the last week has been warm during the day and cold at night, in the 30's and 40's.

     For the last week, we have kept them in Camden's Kennel on the back porch at the French doors with a heating lamp.  We covered the kennel with a towel each night to help them stay warm.  Every night, we changed the chux in the bottom and gave them new food and water.

     The guy at Rusty's feed said to try and feed them nothing but the chicken feed till they are about 6 months old and start laying.  They seem to be eating it well! In just a few days, I think they have doubled in size.

     I think Camden is playing mother hen with them.  She usually sleeps with us,  but instead she has been staying at the window by the chickens.  We even moved her pillow there.  During the day,  instead of going to the neighbors like usual,  she has been staying on the porch by the chicks.

     We have let a chick out to see what she will do.  She actually licks them and uses her nose to push them where she wants them to go.  It's kinda cute and I hope she stays that way.

     They are getting big so fast that Frankie pulled out an old raccoon cage for a safe new home.  Wade helped us put a light in it to make sure they stayed warm.  We added extra siding to box in the back and floor to help with warmth.  I then found a broken fishing pole and put it in there for them to use as a perch.

     They have been there a few days.  They are growing and look happy!  Will keep you updated on the adventure soon!

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