Saturday, March 4, 2017

Day 2 Savannah Cafe M and Morning Ferry Ride

 On day 2, we decided to park downtown Savannah and ride the Ferry to Quiltcon!  Awake and full of energy we hunted down a parking garage that wasn't already full!

     We then started walking toward River Street.  We thought we were gonna stop at Starbucks but instead we stopped at Cafe M.  It was a cute little Cafe in the upper buildings of River Street or what is know there as East Bay Street.  I decided to order hot tea and a croissant.  My sister ate lunch for breakfast, and got a Chicken salad Baguette.

     After ordering,  I took a seat, within a few minutes, they brought me my tea.  I instantly had A smile,  the teabag had a stem and leaf instead of just a paper!! It was too cute.  The Chia Tea was ok, not the best I ever had, but not the worst.  The little cafe was cute.  Very much a French perspective!

     My croissant was outstanding!!!!  It was Mozzarella, Sun-dried tomato and basil with some turkey added.  It was warmed up jut a little and was the perfect flavor and consistency in each bite.   It was also a decent helping that would satisfy as a meal  My sister chicken salad was awesome she said.  It was served on a pretty decent size baguette and could have been eaten as 2 servings.

     We took our food to go and went down to the river to catch the Ferry.  If you have never walked down or up the steps to Savannahs River Street, you are in for a surprise.  The stairs are very narrow and steep.  And they have a sign that says "Private Property, use at your own risk".

     The cobblestone at the bottom is just as risky and steep.  But it's part of an awesome view!

     We went to the closest dock for the ferry across to the Convention center to only discover that all the docks are closed except the furthest one.  So we got our exercise in with a long morning walk.  We only discovered this after we sat down and enjoyed the river and ate our awesome breakfast.

     We did stop on the way at Savannah sweets where I picked up an apple for lunch!  Yes, an unhealthy Heath Bar covered Apple.  It was honestly amazing!!

      It was amazing to watch the big container ships go by.  They were so much bigger up close.  They were honestly amazing.

     The tug boat in the harbor was actually pretty.  Yes,  from my odd perspective.

    We waited a bit for the ferry.  Of course met some fellow quilters.  My Sister and I finally got on the ferry and took the short ride across the river.  The view was amazing!

     And the Quiltcon Adventure began!


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