Thursday, March 2, 2017

New Adventure with Chickens!!!!


So Frankie has been talking about getting some chickens for a few years now.  And for last few weeks we have planned out a coop and said we are going to do it soon, but we haven't got anywhere.  Today, passing by the feed store I decided it was time to get the chickens!  Frankie wasn't too mad when he got home.

     I have done a lot of research on raising the chicks and Frankie has researched what he wanted!  Mr Rusty and his staff at the feed store helped to answer some of my questions.  I ended up getting 4 Rhode Island Reds and one mixed breed Rhode Island Red/Black Beuty Sex Link/Golden Sex Link.  I was kinda unsure how Frankie would feel about the mixed breed, but he loved it.

     Camden, didn't know what to think of the chicks.  At first she acted scared of them, then she sat watching them and sniffing around the box and kennel.   We are kinda wondering if she wants to mother them or if she's just wondering what the hell they are.

     The chicks are 4 and 5 weeks old.   We took Camdens Kennel and put up a warming light.  Put an old medical chux on the bottom for cleaning. Set up water and feed and we will see how they will do for the night.

     We did enjoy the view from inside the house of the second kennel door.  Camden slept by the door all night!

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