Friday, March 3, 2017

Quiltcon 2017 Savannah Day One


I was sooooo excited to be able to go to Quiltcon East 2017 in Savannah!!!  For those that don't know, Quiltcon is the Modern Quilt Guild's Annual show.   This is the biggest show I have ever been too.  I have been sooo excited to go since it was announce two years ago.  My trip though was cut short since I had surgery and the doctor and my husband didn't want me to do too much.  But they couldn't stop me!  I am so thankful for my sister who came with me so I had the opportunity to go!

     I got to Quiltcon a little over 3 hours after it started, the lines were gone, but the show was full.  Registration was very easy, I walked right in and straight to the computer where it printed out my
badge and in the door I went!!  They gave you the awesome lanyard to go with it and my button/pin collection began.

     Once inside my eye first met the Best in Show Quilt by Katherine Jones, "Bling"!!  Truly a paper piecing masterpiece!!   Then I turned my head and saw Alex with Aurifil Thread and his booth.  Nothing special or exciting, a few nice free motion quilting sample.

     I then went on down the sponsor row, next was Creative grid rulers!  I loved the demos they were
doing and all the different size rulers!! Of course they encouraged me to buy a new ruler of theirs
later!  And of course I loved a table runner set they had in their booth!  The colors may be an
inspiration for a future quilt!

     Then on to the Art Gallery booth, not much room to look around inside of the booth,  but a line
and a pile of people on the outside!! Spin the wheel or pick a spoon out of the basket and win a prize!
  I won a Charm pack! And this is with my day 2 prize, stickers and a fat eighth!

     I enjoyed the next few minutes of walking thru booths until I saw the Freespirit Booth!  I love Freespirit and their designers!  I started working on one of the projects they had there and made this really cute flower!!! My first flower didn't turn out well,but it was a lesson learned.  And just before
leaving a local quilt store employee started talking about Row by Row with me.  The company
Marketing Director offered for me to blog for her.  I declined though and sent her too some very consistent bloggers!!!  They were giving away fabric and thread, and of course I picked some up!!

     Then I moved to the Marcus Fabric Studio 37 booth.  Of course they were giving away Layer Cake Squares to encourage you to make a Mug Rub for their Mugshot Challenge.  I grabbed some batiks and of course had my photo taken by someone I soon found out was designer Sarah J!! I fell in
love with her quilt and she gave me an awesome free template for another new quilt that will be
coming out soon!  She was sitting and doing paper piecing!!!   I think l found a new designer to
love!! Of course I also might make a mug rug with her template and free pattern!!!

     I then moved on down the row to the Northcutt Studio booth.   They had a couple really cute quilts
and runners.  And of course they were giving away free patterns and fabric!  I won fabric on the
spinning wheel and of course a few pattern cards!!

     Now it was the quilt shops and tool vendors!  I was suddenly overwhelmed, there was sooooo
much to see.  I went from booth to booth.  I then found Material Girl Quilts, they have an awesome
selection!  I bought the main fabric for a baby quilt I need to make and felt lots of Kaffe Fassett's fabric, but just didn't know what to buy!! I did buy this awesome 8 1/2 inch by 24 inch ruler I saw on
display at Creative Grid.  So on thru the maze I went!  I was so overwhelmed I couldn't decide what to buy and the booths were so crowded I skipped so many. (Above is the photo collection I bought there over 3 days and the bag and fat quarters they gave me)

     My next stop was a booth called Sew Stiching Happy!  She had all kinds of old fashion prints.  I
just couldn't decide what to buy! So I did buy this fat quarter with Camper print.  And of course she
gave me a button and sticker!

     I walked by this booth that was showing a demo of a curved ruler Wedding ring quilt.  It looked easy and neat,  but I was eyeing this awesome Pinapple quilt.  There was a crowd in the booth and I  said I will come back.

     Then I found the Juki booth and watched as a table was being used.  It fit my new 2010 and I just had to have it!  So I bought it and it will ship to me!!

     Then I found Villa Rosa designs!! I will show you the yardage I purchased in this blog and the others tomorrow!!   I her booth was set up where the crowd stayed outside.  But it was still crowded.
Will definitely buy from her again!

     I found this awesome pillow at the Riley Blake booth!  I hope it's not hard, I soooo want to make it!

  About at the end of my game for the day,  three hours in and I was worn out.  I found what gave me excitement again!  I bought from Cherrywood fabric in the past and took part in a challenge of theirs. I was excited to meet Karla the owner!! Then as I was in the booth, Danya walked up!! She's a
neighbor of Kim and a fellow project quilter.  I was so excited to meet one of those from my online world!   I of course bought a rainbow pack of fabric and a scrap bag.  And fell in love with Cherrywood fabric all over again!

  I saw the girls at five eighths seams and knew it was time for a rest.  I also knew that Quiltcon would be there in the morning!!   Day 2 will be shorter and in the next blog!!!

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  1. fun pics and nice goodies, are you really 6ft tall?? that mug shot is wrong isn't it??