Thursday, March 2, 2017

Paula Deen's Lady and Sons and Hearse Ghost Tours

  Night one in Savannah, and after the drive and a few hours at Quiltcon, we checked into the hotel.  Laid/sat on the bed a few minutes and realized we both were hungry.  We did not know where to eat, so of course Paula Deen comes to mind!! We called and had reservations in 15 minutes.  We threw on some cloths and ran.  Found an awesome parking spot where we could park all night for $5. Short walk to the market square where Paula's restaurant the Lady and Sons is located.

     We were seated quickly just before the dinner rush.  My sister before being seated already decided on the buffet.   I wanted to look at the menu, but there was too much to choose from and I couldn't decide.  So of course the buffet was the easiest choice!!  And I didn't regret it!!  Everything I tried was soooooo good! For the price of $18 that included drink and dessert!  

     We had one of the best waiters I have ever had in my life,  he brought us all 3 desserts to try, banana pudding, oozy goes bar and peach cobbler. Kept our cup filled and a smile on our face!  Made sure we had extra biscuits, because oh I loved the biscuits!! They were amazing (will have to make my own)!!!!  The dessert,  was just as awesome, but let me say, it was verrrry buttery rich.  Of course he brought us a box to take the leftover dessert with us.

      The laugh I won't forget is that I forgot my ID so of course I couldn't order
even though my sons almost at a legal drinking age!   So of course I had to drink some good old tap water!!! And that Paula Deen cut out is like really skinny!!!

And then amazingly I met my Quilt friend from Michigan, Nancy McNally!!  So amazing how paths cross!! 

     We then went for a short walk on River Street and tried a Praline, then lots of honey!!! I bought a Whipped Honey Lemon spread at Savannah Bee Company.  Another need to return too place!

     My sister had booked us a Ghost tour with Savannah Hearse Ghost tours.  I was so glad, I didn't feel like walking anymore!  He picked us up right on time for our ride.  The hearse was a little sketchy with wobbly seats.  We were in the way back and had to endure the diesel fumes!  Our driver
was Peg Leg.  He wasn't very scary, but instead, pretty entertaining!  He must have been hungry,  he told us of all the restaurants in the historic district.  And a little bit about the ghosts of Savannah!

     I won't forget the one thing he repeated the entire ride.  "Oh Yeah," like the Koolaid Man(Amanda).  The ride was ok,  but not worth my $17 again.

     I took some of the following photos along the way:

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