Sunday, March 5, 2017

Bright Pink

     Project Quilt Challenge 4 theme, was "Bright".  I was really unsure what to do at first, but then as as I went thru my precuts, I found some precut Breast Cancer scrap fabric.  I also found a box of rainbow fabric scraps that I was saving for a quilt.  The dilemma was that a family friend is having a personal struggle with breast cancer.  I wanted to do the pink and started the pink quilt, but in a post in the quilt group, someone suggested the cancer patient usually does not like the constant reminder. So for the first time ever, I asked Donna which quilt she would prefer.  And she told me the Pink breast cancer one, its her favorite color!

     On to sewing I went!  I quickly came up with a plan.  There were lots of 4 inch and 2 inch quilt squares in my breast cancer scrap material box and I threw in a few extra bright pinks.  I decided to make 16 patches with each, alternating with white on white ribbon print.

     On the outside of the 16 patches I added white fabric smashing to make all the blocks the same size (14 1/2 Inches).

   I squared them all up and sewed them together alternating blocks.  Making the quilt 4 blocks
The quilt *** by ***, plenty long enough

    The backing is a plain pink vintage sheet.  It's sooo soft. Not something I usually do, but I was led to it.

     It's bound in bright pink fabric to go with the bright theme!

     The quilt was photographed on a road at the hunting club that Donnas son and my family has spent many years at.

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  1. this one is great! are you bringing it to work to give to someone with breast cancer at the hospital?