Friday, March 3, 2017

First Gallon of Strawberries And Its Just March 3


  Spring has come very early this year.  To be honest,  I don't think Winter has ever really been here.  We only had a few small freezes and that's it.  The pollen came put in February instead of late March.  Stopped by a new local Strawberry patch.  And when I say local for me it's a few miles down the road and on the way home.

     The place is called Annie-Lynn Farms.  It's on Highway 52, just on the edge of the town of Bonneau.  Jennifer Wadford Kimberly and her husband are running the new adventure.   I didn't pick the berries as I am not supposed to be bending over yet.  The gallon was full,  the berries were not all bruised up.  Sadly,  they were covered in pollen that went away with a quick washing!!   The berries were not as sweet as I like.  But that's the norm for early season berries.  They should be plump and awesome by next weekend.  Maybe then it will be time for some good preserves.

     Jennifer plans to have fresh produce starting tomorrow and is planting an abundance of vegetables to be able to offer fresh local in season produce from now on.  As in all local ventures,  I plan on supporting them fully and hope our community does also!!

     Today's menu will be strawberries and mozzarella salad!

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