Sunday, May 24, 2015

Anna's T-shirt Quilt

    Anna and Wade have been together since 4 year old kindergarten.  They changed school in High School and still managed to stay together.    They have even gone to church camp together all these years.  Now they are graduating in less then 2 weeks.  Not only is Anna special, but Lisa, her mom taught my boys.

     A few months ago I was asked by Lisa, Anna's mom to make her a quilt.  Lots of people ask me to make these it I don't always agree.  Tshirt quilts take hours of work and planning and don't alwYs turn out right.  It is very stressful dealing with others memories.  But I always say yes to special people!! I enjoy making things for those that mean something to me. 

     This quilt is made using every piece of printed shirt from 20 different tshirts.   I mark the shirts about an inch to 1 1/2 inches bigger then the print on all sides.  After marking the blocks I cut the area of the tshirt out to be about an inch bigger then the original block.  I then iron on fresh fuse or knit interfacing on the back. I then recut the blocks to the final size. 

   For me I have decided over time that I like the look of an uneven sized block for the Tshirt quilts.  The random size and randomness of them being either square or rectangle assists in the flow.  Most tshirt quilts are made with a varying color of fabric and prints on the shirts.  

     I have also decided over time that I like using multiple colors to sash the blocks and to help them blend. 

     I write down each of the block sizes and divide them into rows using the block height.  I add small amounts of fabric to the top and bottom of each block to even out the row.  Between the blocks I lay another piece of material.  And sometimes small blocks I piece together. 

     I even out the rows by adding additional fabric pieces to the outside.

     Then before sewing the rows together I add a strip between the rows. Then In like to sash the quilt out using the same or cordinating fabric.  This quilt is approx 58 by 66.

     I also like the binding to match.   For this quilt 2 special ladies helped me pick out this wonderful herringbone like fabric from Mary Jo's!!  

     The quilt is quilted in silver thread.  To quilt it I did in and out swirls in all of the sashing.  On the Tshirts I quilted a basic loop all over.  In the borders I quilted a wave all the way around the quilt. 

      I forgot to photograph the backing fabrics.  It is actually one of my favorite backing sever.  It is a huge gray medallion flower on white extra wide fabric. 

     It was emotional to work on this quilt but I decided that the best place to complete it was at my quilt retreat.  I am so glad I did!! I took this photo at an old building around the corner from the retreat center. 

     I am so proud of Anna and excited for her future!!  I hope to see her in the many years to come!

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