Saturday, May 30, 2015

It's the end of May and it's not all done...

     I had high hopes this month to get a lot done.  It's of course the month I go to my yearly retreat and usually finish a bunch of work.  

     This year I brought a lot of unfinished projects to the retreat. But I only finished 3 old projects and was almost done with 2 new.   But I guess there is always next year to knock a few more off my list. 

     I finished Anna's Quilt,

     Cindy's brothers Quilt, 

     Aprils Improvisation Challenge Pillow Cases. 

     May's Prism Monkey Wrench Challenge 

     And a Girls John Deere Quilt

     Almost done sewing the bottom on my tuffet.  

     Finished a lot of my projects.  So now to think about June Goals!! 


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