Sunday, May 31, 2015

John Deere Diamond Quilt

     I realized last weekend that I haven't started in a quilt for Taylor's baby shower.      So it was time to come up with an idea,  thank goodness I keep a bunch of fabric on hand! 

     I started going thru my fabric and couldn't decide on which main fabric to choose.  Oddly, my husband decided which one.  He knew that Taylor's husband and son would like a John Deere quilt. So with the main fabric chosen it wasn't hard to pick the rest!! 
I do feel I made it blend a little too much, but it will work. 

    I found an offset diamond design on Pinterest that I liked and decided to replicate it but needed to make 80 HST.   I found this tutorial on Half Square Triangles(HST):

     I decided it work out to be the perfect size.  I cut 80 squares.  And then resumed to sewing the HST together and cutting them apart. 

     I decided to make the center rows the pink on pink and the outer a mixture between the fabric.  I decided after I sewed some of it up, the John Deere and the Pink fabric might have blended too much.  But it was too late and in the end it turned out just right.  

     For the backing I used a brown With pink polka dots.  

     To bind it I used the bright pink with white polka dots off the quilt top.  I then used a ribbon like pattern to stitch the binding down.  

     I am still walking threw the Leah Day Craftsy  Freemotion Quilting video. In the section I just watched she did a circle and then a swirl to the center and then back out to the outside using that same line.  I took that idea and made a leaf type design.  The circle swirls came off stems on either side of each triangle seam.  I love how it turned out and think I will repeat it on a quilt in the future. 

     I really like how this quilt turned out!  I love FMQ and this method of HST.  So my guess is you will see both in another design again soon!! 

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