Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Monkey Wrench, Focus Through the Prism Challenge

     For the remainder of the year the monthly challenge will not be a regular quilt,  but a mini.  Each month we will be given a different block.  From that block we will create a quilt of our own, using the mini as an idea.  Each mini will contain a color from ROYGBIV that will be the primary color of the quilt. 

    To compete in the challenge you have to purchase a fabric pack from Cherrywood fabrics.  The fabrics are hand dyed and go along with the challenge by matching the true hues of ROYGBIV.  I hate challenges where I have to purchase fabric,  but I truly love Project Quilt, so it's a must for me.  And while I was ordering I bought extra fabric and have more hand dyed fabric to match most of the quilts for the remainder of the year.

     The Mini Quilts come January 2016 will be mailed to Kim of Persimon Dreams and will be part of a traveling quilt show.  The goal though of finishing by months end will not change! 

     I started out with a clear idea of what I wanted to do as my challenge.  That idea quickly changed when I realized someone already completed my idea. So to the drawing board I went.  I thought of several ideas but settled on one.  Because it was totally different then my usual quilt.  A block in the corner with an echo of HST. 

     I also decided when I first ordered the fabric that I would try to use only 2 colors in each quilt and to make it out of as much of the primary color as possible.  I decided for this quilt I would start with the first letter of ROYGBIV and then move on.  

     I went to my stash and found 2 more patterned fabrics that blended well with the primary Red.  Both had a bit of off white in them. 

    I sewed up the big block as 12 inches and used only the primary color and the 2 printed fabrics. 

    I then googled a HST triangle size and came up with a neat tutorial on seeing a tube with 2 inch fabric.  Too bad I cut along the wrong line and ended up with 2 1/2 inch squares.  So I just kept on cutting.  

     My thought was to put the HST around 2 sides of the Monkey Wrench block in no set layout or design.  The size did not match exactly,  but I was just going to wing it and it worked!

     To quilt it, I am still following along with the Leah Day Craftsy video.  I am on pebbling.  I decided to do Prbbling in all the red areas of the quilt.  The next step in the video was an in and out swirl that followed the same line.  I love how this turned out.  Still need a little practice,  but I love it!! 

    I backed it in a piece of scrap fabric that had some red in it and bound it in the basic hand dyed red. 

     I am so excited to see the theme of next month and ready to figure out what to do with the Orange!! 


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  1. I did wonder what would happen if two people have the same idea. I like this quilt and your design technique. The quilting looks good to me.