Saturday, May 9, 2015

Improvisation Challenge

     Last month the challenge for Project Quilt was Improvisation.   If you follow me you know I use a lot of this in my scrap quilts. I am a hidden cheapskate that likes to use every inch of fabric that I can.  As I am working on a quilt I keep a ziplock bag at my cutting board.  In the bag I put all of the scrap pieces I cut. With this bag I make small quilted pieces. 

     This is where my improvisation comes in.  I am a conservative quilter(as I call myself).  This means I love old fashion looking quilts and I tend to mimick them. I like the symmetrical look of things. I take the scraps of my quilts and dream up some type of design.  Some very traditional and some that teeter on the edge.  Most of my quilts I design as I go. 

     For these 2 pillow covers I sewed the scraps from my Cherry Blossom Box Quilt together into a long row.  

     For the first pillow I cut two 14 inch strips off.  Then I used some leftover strips from the quilt sashing to put a 2 inch border on either side of the strip.  I had a small piece of the base fabric left and used that to connect the  strips together. To finish it off I put 2 strips on the outside. Making the total size 18x18 inches.

     I backed it with batting and then decided to watch part of a Leah Day video to decide how to free motion quilt it.   I decided to practice Square Echo's in the rows and chain of Pearls in the sashing.  In the boarder I practiced rivers Path.  

     On the second pillow cover I sewed the leftover scrap strip together with leftover pieces of fabric.  I then sandwiched it and practiced free motion quilting paisley onto it!   I really loved how it turned out.  

     I squared these up into 18 1/2 inch pieces.  I then cut out  backing fabric by cutting a width of 18 1/2 inches and  adding 2 1/2 inches to the length.  I them made a hem on one side of each.  This allowed the other side to be sewn down to the front.  I flipped the pieces and sewed an additional line around the outside of the pillow to secure.   

     These pillow covers are going to my friend Shelia to match her quilt!  I hope she enjoys! 

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