Thursday, May 7, 2015

May Goals

     I didn't do to well with my April goals. Life and a woman I love stepped in the way.   But this month is different.  I am going to a quilting retreat. So, for 4 days I will have time to do nothing but sew!!!   I have decided that I will finish 4 projects in  those days!!

    The first will be a Tuffet!!  My friend Carolyn Harris will be teaching me at the retreat!!! Now it's just to decide on what fabric to use!! 

     The next one will be Cindy's brothers Quilt.  Over a year overdue, but I am going to finish this crown Royal  Quilt. 

     The third will be a floral Quilt I started about a year and a half ago.  I altered the pattern and I now pray I can remember how I put the blocks I have together!  

     The last will be Anna's quilt.  Another Tshirt quilt, but one I am very excited to make!!

     I hope to work on a few other quilts while I am gone, but that's my completion goal!!

     My other goal for the month is to finish the Project Quilt Challenge!!  Hope you have a wonderful month!

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