Thursday, June 25, 2015

Row by Row South Carolina Day 4

     Today I had no sewing time,  so I am still behind.  I hope to catch up this weekend!! 

     I did find time to stop by my second closest and almost favorite shop!  Five Eighths Seams in West Ashley. Just over the bridge from Charleston is this cute little shop that is busting at its seams.  It is sandwiched between a bridal store and a seafood restaurant.  If you weren't looking for it you might miss it.  

     This is the second store I sent info to to encourage them to participate in Row by Row.  Before this year we had none in the Charleston Area.  Now we have 3!!

     The owner even let me in the door after closing to pick up my row and kit!! Long story but I prearranged it.  She told me that they cut 50 pack and have already ran out!   So excited that the rows have made them that busy!

     I haven't sewed any type of circles in a while. The row for five eighths seams has lots of curves.  So I will get back to you in a few days with the results! 

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