Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Next Generation of Wade Quilt!!

     I was very excited to find out that 2 special people in my life were naming their sons Wade.  Of course if you know me, my oldest sons name is Wade.  Around here that's a unique name!  He has only met one other boy with his name.  Going threw school he was the only one in every school till his senior year!  

     The Wade that this quilt is going to's parents have passed in and out of my life since Middle School.  Cliff, the dad,  lived on my small rural dirt road.  Him and his cousins took the hour bus ride home with me.  There were only boys on the road, so they were the ones I hung out with.  His family has been a fixture in my life since then!  He now is a member of the same hunting club as my family.  His wife Debra went to school with me.  I later worked for her mom and then she babysat my son Wade for me!  One of those you live in the country and have a connection stories!  

     Well their son Wade was born 7 weeks early at my favorite hospital,  St Francis!  While I was working.  So much excitement to know he was doing well.  

     I was already planning a quilt and had fabric picked out.  So I came home from work and got started.  I decide to do a basic sew as you go strip quilt. I cut strips of random widths from 3 inches to 6 inches.  

    I used flannel as the backing and fleece as the batting.  I like to make these baby quilts to be used for floor time.  I think this is enough padding for that and for a toddler to be wrapped in on a cold winter night. 

     I am hoping to make a step by step tutorial on this when I do one of my next strip quilts.  The process goes very quickly once you get it cut. 

     This is the first time I used the appliqué foot on this Janome machine.  I used it without the extra gripper.  I think the next time I will try it with that.  The fabric did not slide threw the machine as easily as I had hoped. We will see if the gripper makes the difference with the layers of fabric. 

     I also used a new stitch on the binding.  I really like how this stitch showed up.  Especially since I did it in a darker color that showed up. 

     I really hope that Wade enjoys this!  And hope my Wade meets him soon!!



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